The "Bergische International Guitar Festival" has been made ​​in the guitar scene and beyond a name for over 30 years. In 2014, there is again a very versatile range of classical, rock, jazz, early and contemporary music. Thus, participants can create their own personal course menu customization 8-80.

Our warm welcome to all beginners, professionals, the talented young as well as the teacher and all lovers of the instrument.

The festival is increasingly open for further cooperation with the music schools. The professional exchange as well as the meeting with colleagues and their students are under the umbrella of "Bergisch International Guitar Festival" year-round moderated and will be revived. This includes the preparation courses offered in the core week for the german competition "Jugend Musiziert".

Dieter Kreidler, artistic director, patron "guitar -instrument of 2013":

Many Thanks to:

January 1. - 6. 2015


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